Vibratory finsihing machines

PF 10 / 20 / 30 and TGA 85 / 185 (capacity in litres)

The parts which have to be processed are placed together with abrasive media, water and a washing solution (compound) as bulk material into the work tank.

The movement of the working container creates a relative movement between workpieces and grinding wheels, which causes material removal on workpiece surfaces and especially at the edges. This leads to deburring, edge rounding, grinding, smoothing, polishing, degreasing, descaling, matting and compacting of the part.

The vibratory abrasive bowl can be filled with all commercially available vibratory abrasive media. Always ensure a sufficient filling quantity so that between 10% and 30% of the parts can be fed into the machine, depending on the size of the part.

During machining, a water-treatment agent mixture shall be added to the mixture of parts and abrasive media. This is used to bind removed material particles and remove them from the ongoing machining process, to cool the mixture and to maintain the corresponding surface quality.

For noise protection reasons, both units have lids with which the vibratory abrasive bowl can be closed during the machining process. The processing time is determined by the desired processing result.

 For smaller workpieces it is possible to remove the mixture of workpiece and vibratory abrasive media from the working area via an outlet nozzle located on the side of the vibratory finishing bowl. The separation via sieves or other systems makes the separation of vibratory abrasive media and workpieces easier.

 For more detailed information we would be pleased to send you the data sheets.