Vibratory Tubs

PF-TGA 85 / PF-TGA 185 (85 / 185 Litre vibratory tub)

The PF-TGA machines replace the expensive manual work of deburring and polishing. With the right selection and combination of abrasive and / or polishing media, a variety of workpieces can be processed. No matter whether workpieces made of steel, alloys, plastics, ceramics or wood are to be processed, this system saves valuable working time.

Excellent for small series and batch operation:

  • Seamless polyurethane tub
  • All steel constructions are welded
  • Connection voltage 220 V / 50 Hz
  • Compact design enables varied use
  • 125 mm outlet opening for abrasive and polishing media and for workpieces
  • Can be used with all conventional abrasive and polishing media